Over thirty years ago, a couple of guys Don Bellingham and Brian McDonald had a vision of a big game and sports fishing club to serve the Houhora area after Tank Barker caught a large Black marlin while commercial fishing. The nearest fishing club dedicated to game fishing at that time was Whangaroa and with nearly all game fishing done in those days was from a launch, so Whangaroa was some distance to take a bill fish to be weighed if it was caught at North Cape, or the Three Kings. The Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club negotiated to have a satellite weigh station at Houhora with the then owners of the commercial wharf. This got very little use as Houhora didn’t have a resident club at that time.

A broad cross section of the Houhora and Kaitaia areas met with the object of forming the HBGSFC(Inc) a multipurpose facility ready to cater for the needs of both Big Game and Sports fishing enthusiasts. The club constitution was signed in July 1990.

A huge amount of work was done in researching the feasibility, ongoing community support and scope with the result needing to include clubrooms, boat ramp parking area and jetty with weigh station. The concept of the facility was to be of a high standard, be suitable for a conference venue with restaurant, bistro and bar facilities, reception lounge suitable for functions and weddings, trophy room, meeting room and ideally suited to housing for future search and rescue with police involvement, when necessary, ambulance station and possible training requirements.

Such an ambitious project would have to be built in stages (six in all) to be affordable and achievable. The estimated cost of the project at the time was $1.4 M to complete Stage 1 through to 4, with a commitment from the community to raise $150,000.00 with a further contribution $300,000.00 in donated materials, labour, services and machinery.

Consultations with Mangonui St John chairman Ivan Morton confirmed a need for a designated First Response Unit Ambulance station with garaging, training facilities, committee room and a provision for a Rescue Helicopter landing pad.

The ideal location was nominated as Monkey point with its spectacular views and access to the deep water. Resource Consents, lease agreements, a change in the zoning and approvals from different groups including the Far North District Council to secure the land. The Far North District Council was and has always been very supportive of the club.

The earthworks began soon after, with the construction of the public toilets, ambulance station concrete boat ramp and wooden jetty.  The fishing club building came some years later when funds were available to complete each stage. The club’s major competition the Annual Houhora One Base Tournament was the major income earner, with so many entrants a large marquee was erected to cope with the numbers, prior to the main club rooms lounge being completed.

Over the last 30 years the local community and club members have been committed to supporting, promote and maintain the club facilities including the club owned wooden jetty an essential part of the fishing club complex with wider community and club members regularly using it for loading and unloading boats, fishing and swimming.